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We’re your trusted source for dependable engine replacements at Chuck’s Auto Parts Solutions. Each engine undergoes testing to ensure functionality. Every engine is spun at least 360 degrees to ensure no restrictions and spins smoothly. Once removed, our engines are stored in a dry and protected warehouse environment, with all ports and lines securely plugged or capped.

Every engine in our inventory is inspected for any visible damage or issues at multiple stages of the Quality Control process. Our meticulous inspections ensure that only engines meeting our quality standards make it to our inventory. Count on Chuck’s to provide reliable recycled original equipment (ROE) and remanufactured engines, available with our lifetime part and full labor warranty. 

Mechanical Grading

A = Grade Mechanical Parts “A” parts have less than 60,000 total miles; if over 60,000 miles, they must be less than 15,000 miles per model year.  

B = Grade Mechanical Parts “B” parts have equal to or greater than 60,000 and less than 200,000 total miles on them and have 15,000 miles per model.

C = Grade Mechanical Parts “C” parts have equal to or greater than 200,000 miles on them, regardless of age.

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