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Refund and Return Policy

Any return part/item must be within 30 days of purchase, accompanied by this invoice, and bear the markings applied by our firm. A 25% handling fee will be charged on all returned parts/items. Deposits are non-refundable after 30 days. There is a $35.00 fee for any returned checks. The purchaser is responsible for any return shipping or freight charges relating to an incorrect or “not needed” order. All cut panels are special order and non-refundable.  Computers are returned on an exchange basis only.  

Core deposits are refundable if the part is rebuildable. If there are visual cracks, damage, incomplete, or disassembled or doesn’t spin 360 degrees, the core deposit is non-refundable. According to federal law, all fluids must be drained from all parts before transporting. Failure to drain fluids will result in a chargeback of $50.00 for each instance or may be refused by our driver. 

Please refer to the invoice and installation procedure tag for the required guidelines to validate your warranty.  

To enhance the installation process, please check with the manufacturer’s requirements and or service bulletins prior to installation. Retain your invoice for the duration of the warranty. Any questions please contact our sales department at 484-925-1099. 

Our extended warranties are a 1-time part and labor warranty. Should the part fail, and you choose to have an extended warranty on the replacement part, another extended warranty must be purchased

BE ADVISED, manufacturers may require electronic parts to be connected to proper electronic equipment, so the part’s electronics coordinate with the host vehicle’s computer. Engines are guaranteed against knocking, excessive smoking, or oil consumption. Before installation, install new seals, gaskets, and oil filters on all mechanical parts. There are some instances when the intake manifold must be transferred from the original engine to the purchased unit. External accessories, components, electrical parts (IE: coil packs, exhaust manifolds, sensors, water pumps, computers, spark plugs and wires, etc.) or fluids are not considered as warranty items in any of our warranty plans. All warranties apply to the original purchaser only and are not transferable.  

* Warranties do not apply to racing, non-OEM applications or alterations outside of OEM specifications. 

* Product must have proof of service and be maintained as outlined by manufacturer specifications. 

The warranty is VOID and/or NO CREDIT will be written on a part that is disassembled.

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